I’m new at this so, don’t judge.

September 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I feel as though there is no un-awkward (is that a word?) way to begin a blog, so I’ve decided to simply jump in. I’m currently a Senior at Ohio University, studying creative writing. And when I say studying, I mean I write short stories and read Shakespeare. Enticing, no? My ability to write a paper in record time and understand the language of Midsummer Night’s Dream may not help me get a job, but at least I’m not doing math or memorizing the anatomy of a pig.

The title of this blog is a tad melodramatic, but so am I, so get over it. I’m not trying to sound whiney or anything; I’m no insecure 7th grader with braces and an acne problem who thinks that boys will never like her and her 32AA cup size. The thing is that my best friends are tiny and adorable; connoisseurs in cuteness and all things fashionable. Again, self deprecation is not my main goal with this blog therefore this will be my documentation of telling myself that I wont end up alone with a lot of fish (I’m allergic to cats and dogs, awesome), tacky, oversized sweaters and an embarrassing addiction to soap operas. That sounds worse then I really am; dear God, I hope at least one person reads this blog.

Soo I feel like this post is kind of a downer? Which is odd because I had a really good day seeing as I told someone all about their astrological sign and that is really exciting for me (don’t judge). Tomorrow will be betta. Unless I fall on the way to class or something, which happens to me at least four times per quarter. Last time it happened three people came up to me asking if I was okay because the fall looked bad. I was also wearing a skirt, so there is a high likelihood that my underwear was seen by those people as well. Hawt.

Okay I am ending this post with one of my fav pics from this blog I found on Tumblr. Should I not talk about Tumblr since I’m currently on WordPress? It’s like blog gang wars dayyyumn.


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