Overslept on the second day of school, shveet.

September 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

So the title of this post isn’t lying. I woke up with less then 20 minutes to get ready for my first day of my 9 AM short story workshop, therefore today was not my most confident, sassy, cool, cute, crazy, original or any other positive adjective day. But you know, it happens. I wore a white (wrinkled) button down and jean shorts that I haven’t washed in around 2 weeks. Sexi, right? However, tucking in the shirt and wearing a brown belt made the ensemble better. Don’t you guys just want me to keep talking about my outfit and how I felt and how people reacted to it and why it changed my life and blah blah blah? On to more fun things.

Like painting nails!! First of all, I just want everyone to know I feel my hands are on the manly side. When I take posed pics with friends and put my hands on their shoulders, this is generally what happens:

Look how scary those are.

So although my nails are painted there, I figured that a darker color would possibly subdue them a bit. So once I was done with class today, I chose a nice dark green to slide on my nails and in turn make people like me and think that I’m extremely cool and know everything about everything (trick being used here: creating wildly absurd expectations that wont come true and therefore prove my theory that I’ll never be cool is right). I will now post before and after pictures, somewhat like those makeover shows or acne commercials where people look all depressed in the first pic and then they get made over and they’re all happy and smiley.

Before my nail makeover:

Plain Jane town.

And now for the after:

Holding onto to a pillow to a) look cute and b) hide the hand size.

Do I still think I have man hands after my my nail lacquer experience? Yes. But do I think there was a vast improvement from before? Why, yes I do. So there you have it. Advice of the day: paint your nails and you just might feel like your hands aren’t as manly.


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