Dirty Hair = Big Flower

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

There are many days when “dressing up” for me means putting on pants. It’s not that I’m a slob, but sometimes I lack the creative mind that can come up with ways to be practical for college life while staying stylish. A lot of the times, I find the most difficulty with my hair. I don’t always have the time to sit in front of the mirror in the morning and do something with it other than put it in a messy ponytail or let it run free in the hands of nature (meaning half of my head is curly while the other is completely straight). Sometimes the mirror sends me back an image that is comparable to Anne Hathway a la Princess Diaries before her makeover. I should be embarassed that I just used a B-grade Disney movie from 2001 as a refernce to my life but I’m not.

To avoid looking like I’ve been electrocuted, I’ve found that putting accessories in my hair helps to deter from it’s less than desirable state. Of course, a straightener and hair serum help, but it’s the accessories that really make people stop and say, “Wow! That girl has some dirty ass hair, but she totally makes it better but camouflaging it with a huge flower!”. Here is the evidence of said camouflaging.

Big flower courtesy of my roommate Samira (Sam)!

Now just take a look at that! A good way to pull together some unwashed, frizz town hair. Also, listen to this kiddos: it’s as simple as putting on a headband! Which means that anyone can do it. And look crazy, sexy, cool (TLC reference not sorry about it). I’ve always found that being able to rectify something that I’m unhappy with, in this case the state of my hair, makes me feel more confident and like I’m able to CONQUER THE WORLD. Little melodramz right there but at least it’s positive melodrama!


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