How to ignore Tyra Banks.

September 12, 2010 § 1 Comment

Because I’m involved in numerous student organizations, I have acquired a large amount of logo t-shirts. Knowing the people who spend time designing these shirts makes me want to wear them as much as possible, and since I’ve never been the type to wear a logo t-shirt to class, that really only leaves my sweaty workout sessions or the seven hours I spend snoozing. I wanna pay more homage to my homies than that, therefore a solution is needed.

When I need some creative advice on how to alter my clothing, I look to my friend Aimee. The kook always knows how to take something that I would normally turn my nose up at, and make it something that I stealthily take from her closet on several occasions. One idea that Aimee made reality (that sounds weirdly uplifting) is the process of taking a plain logo t-shirt and making it into an off the shoulder masterpiece, an act that adds pizzazz to a relaxed look. Here is the outcome of getting creative with my UPC general body member t-shirt.

Whaddup collarbones.

Pretty easy process, all you need is some scissors! I probably wouldn’t ever wear this to the bars, but the new take on a t-shirt certainly makes me more inclined to wear it in numerous situations. Wearing off the should tops make me feel sassy. For example, if I was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model I would wear this and ignore Tyra going on and on about how awesome she is and how she knows how to make looks intense just by squinting her eyes a lot. And that’s a difficult thing to ignore.


§ One Response to How to ignore Tyra Banks.

  • MarielDvs says:

    By no means I am a fashion expert.. But I loooove to do different things to and with my clothes in order to look unique and stylish! I love the idea of going the extra mile when dressing up and commuting through the social world. I dislike to always keep the look fashion designers decide for you… I support the idea of giving it your own twist!


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