Essential Item: Glue

September 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

I am not like Carrie Bradshaw at all. I do not have my bra exposed in almost every outfit I wear, I do not make quippy little remarks about life and love (they’re less quippy and more sarcastic) and I do not have a bottomless bank account with which I can purchase numerous pairs of Manolo Blahniks on a whim. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the iconic tiny blond, it’s just her shoe addiction that really bugs me. I think about the shoes I have, the ones who have braved the bricks of Athens with many injuries, and how most of them have not only lasted me an extremely good amount of time but also have served as quality style pieces which pull my outfits together.

Saying “style pieces” makes me feel like Rachel Zoe or something, which I’m not, so now I feel phony and feeling phony depresses me. Snowball effect.

Anyway, since it is slowly morphing into fall outside, I have a continual hankering to wear my brown Forever 21 boots as much as I can. These little beauties were only $17.80 and I’ve only had to glue the heel back on twice. Score!

Standing by a stool, obvi really indie and stuff.

They’re so beat up, but sometimes I think things that look/are worn in are even better than the polished look. Not that I want to wear like, used underwear or something, but you see where I’m going, right? Note: one of my favorite things to wear with boots are knee high socks. Don’t judge me for this reference but, it reminds me of Gossip Girl for some weird reason. It’s especially odd considering I don’t even watch that show.

Another pair of shoes that I’ve worn to bits are these great saddle shoes I picked up at Urban Outfitters. If we’re gonna keep going with the show that these make me think of (and we are going to keep going with that because I’m the one typing and therefore choose what words are put onto this page) I’m gonna go with something like Happy Days or the movie Grease. Vurrrry retro. Vurrrrry cute.

“Look at me, I’m Sandradee!”

These puppies go with errrthang, too. For example, an outfit that I would wear with old navy flip flops, a college staple, is always made to look a little less pajama-causal and more pulled together. All for the low, low price of $20! (Insert car salesman voice here)

Not to get all Carrie Bradshaw on everyone, but what did we learn here today? We learned that an expensive shoe addiction that could probably fund a college education isn’t necessary to have stylish stems. It’s all about making the basics work and possibly gluing heels onto shoes that were really cheap and probably shouldn’t have lasted past four uses.


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