Talkin’ Bout a Heat Wave

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

May I ask why it is so hot outside? May I ask why it is September 21st and the simple task of walking to class ends in sweaty bangs and thighs that chafe when I walk? That might have been too much information but I’m too hot to care right now. I really like fall. And when I say fall, I don’t mean the actual months of fall because I don’t remember the last time September consistently gave me fall weather. An inconsistency that reminds me of men.

Due to the heat, I have temporarily put my sweaters and boots back in the closet and today pulled out my favorite sun dress. I got it at Urban Outfitters and I have seriously done a load of laundry containing only this dress because I wear it so much. For some reason I feel a little exposed on top when I’m around adults, meaning when I wore it today I paired it with a jean jacket. Swiped from my roommate Aimee, shout out to you cookie.

Since I know you all read my previous blog post, note the saddle shoes.

I love how white this dress is. I’ve worn it with all different color cardigans and it still looks great. Sometimes I feel it’s hard to find basic dresses that still feel original. I have a ton of dresses in numerous colors that hang bored and neglected in my closet because I see nothing special about them. So I guess that means I judge my clothes, which are inanimate objects. I could reevulate my life but I’m sure you’ve all realized I’m a tad on the lazy side.

Back to the white dress … GUESS WHAT? This dress, as I’ve already said and I’m sure you’ve guessed, is different. It has this great texture wrapping around the dress which gives it oomph and sassiness and fun and craziness. I know, I know, that’s a lot of work for just a little texture, but I ain’t lyin’:

Wavy like the … ocean?

Barney lesson: it’s our differences that make us unique. The same goes for dresses that are slightly overpriced at Urban Outfitters or any other mildly expensive slightly hipster store. Here’s to the hope that fall arrives soon and I can wear this dress with my brown boots and stop pitting out on the way to class.


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