Pants party. Party pants. In pants, party.

September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hello all. Isn’t the weather lovely? It makes me think of pants. No longer are sun dresses an option, no more shorts. Unless tights are involved, which you know, works too. I love tights, especially patterned ones. HOWEVER this entry does not have tights in the title, so we’ll save the tights talk for another post.

I think the natural assumption when one thinks of pants is blue jeans. They’re the easiest to pair things with, usually the most comfortable and show the least amount of dirt. But today is the day, my friends, today is the day. It is the day to wear something other than blue jeans, a pair of pants that aren’t seen on every pair of legs on this campus when the weather turns frosty. One option is pants that are COLORFUL like these!

“Somewhere over the pants rainbow…”

I love colorful pants, but I never really thought I could pull off that look. Perhaps it has to do with the insecurities with my thighs, a bodily anxiety that has followed me since the ugly days of puberty and one unfortunate and memorable joke made by a friend that included the phrase “thunder thighs”. But this summer, on the streets of Chicago, I decided to throw caution to the wind. Hence the purchase of these babies:

Olive green. Olives. Olives on pizza. Now I’m hungry. Damnit.

Urban Outfitters had these capri-esque pants in a plethora of colors and I really enjoy their fit. Although I have no picture of myself galavanting around in these, galavanted I have. They’re lightweight and comfortable, and they kind of remind me of horseback riding pants which in turn makes me feel cool and athletic, two things that are foreign to me.

Another option for non-blue jean pants is something that not all people agree with. The controversial item I’m talking about? Leggings. Yes, leggings. I personally enjoy leggings WHEN worn with shirts that cover the majority of the bum and the entirety of the crotch region. Camel toe isn’t appreciated by anyone, therefore the crotch rule is very strict. When worn with an oversize sweater leggings can be comfortable and really cute. These are my favorite pair:

Check out da zippers.

I love leggings. They breathe. And they’re an awesome alternative to blue jeans because sometimes blue jeans get tighter after you eat five of the break and bake sugar cookies your roommate made. But leggings? They expand with you and your thighs. And your mind.


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