Let me see you sweat(er).

October 6, 2010 § 4 Comments

HOLY SHEET it’s cold outside today. I feel as though I am always wishing that it would get colder as the fall months arrive, and then when the cold actually blows into to town all I do is complain about it. How introspective that was … too bad I wont do anything to change it.

I find it comical that I am sitting in front of my computer writing a fashion blog while wearing sweatpants that I’ve had since seventh grade and a shirt that says “explosive band member!” which is also from my middle school years. My advice: don’t wear this anywhere except your apartment/house unless you would like to be assumed homeless.

Because of the chill today, I’ve decided to talk about sweaters. I absolutely love sweaters.  Depending on the style, they’re just like sweatshirts but a tad more fashionable. For example, to me, a sweatshirt says “I want to be warm and comfortable and I’m running late, so I’m going to throw on this sweatshirt that I spilled Chef Boyardee on last night and my dog sometimes sleeps on.” I know sweatshirts aren’t that chatty but take a visit to my head and you’ll understand. Okay, so since that’s what sweatshirts say, here is an example of sweater speak: “I also want to be warm and comfortable, but I want to look semi pulled together and possibly add a little cuteness to a look that I don’t have much time to put together.”

Here is a sweater that says just that:

I love the lace detail and the fact that it’s long enough to wear with leggings and successfully disguise them as pants. Add a long sleeve shirt underneath and you could probably climb Everest in this thing. Naturally I’m kidding, Everest seems like a lot of work and I wouldn’t want to get this sweater dirty.

Here is another gem knit into the sweater world:

Let me make this clear: I love toggle sweaters. I don’t really know how to explain my love of toggle sweaters; after all, it is only a little wooden detailing. But something about them makes me think of Colorado and skiing and people sitting on bear rugs in front of fires with really thick hair. Not sure why the thick hair was thrown in there, but I guess that’s just the power of the toggles.

“With every season turn, turn, turn. There is a reason turn, turn, turn.” Those are not the correct lyrics to the Byrds song (which was adapted from the bible), but I’ve molded them to serve my purpose because I feel like it. It’s annoying when it gets colder, but it is also a time to display the adorable sweaters that will do their best to keep you warm. As they say, give peace a chance. And when I say peace, I mean sweaters. And now that I think about it that sentence makes it sound like everyone hates sweaters and refuses to wear them, when that’s really not true. So ignore basic thought process behind that sentence and just embrace the sweater. Now it sounds like I’m preaching religion or something, good God this could go on forever …


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