Poppin’ bottles … perfume bottles, that is.

October 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

This is kind of delayed considering Homecoming was four days ago, but my clothes smelled gross after leaving the bars on Saturday. Honestly, the bars smelled like flatulence and in turn, so did my clothes. Just to clarify, IT WAS NOT MY BODILY FUNCTIONS THAT CREATED THIS SMELL. Instead it was the fact that for some reason everyone decided that they could just let it all loose in the bars. I’m not trying to offend the alum or anything, but they were all here this weekend, the weekend of the never ceasing, bar-encompassing fart cloud. Just sayin’.

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about farts right now. I’m trying to bring up the subject of fragrances but that intro didn’t go as well as planned, so I’m gonna try to move on quietly…

Think about perfume (or cologne) and how much of an impact it can have. Smell holds the strongest connection to memory, meaning I will forever remember Homecoming 2010 as, shall we say, less than desirable bodily functions. Waittt sorry I didn’t want to mention that again. Anyway, I’m a big advocate of having numerous scents because I feel that different scents can go with different settings. Nighttime scents, daytime scents, sexy time scents, visiting your grandmother scents, the list can go on and on. And we all sure as hell don’t want to be wearing a sexy time scent during a visit to the nursing home to visit grandma, making the need for numerous scents obvious.

The other thing I love about fragrances – the bottles are fashionable within themselves.

Those are only a small amount of perfume bottles and look how different they all are! I love it. And each of their scents are as varied as their bottle appearance. How do you think you get the job of designing perfume bottles? Do you think there is a specific program designated for designing perfume bottles? Alright, no more of my obscure career questions, I’m gonna go to Dairy Queen.


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