Hello Rain. Buh-Bye Productivity.

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Rainy days like these are my favorite. I feel no guilt over staying in my bed for hours, watching hours of The OC on DVD, eating cereal and being lazy. Unfortunately, today this wasn’t an option considering the status of my bank account. Work was necessary seeing as the word “negative” isn’t always desired when talking about money. I’m not good at math but I at least know that much. So instead of watching Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson build up sexual tension onscreen while Misha Barton slowly goes downhill, I pulled myself out of bed, through the McDonald’s drive-thru for coffee (horrible choice) and into my father’s office. Hopefully the increase in my bank account will make up for my lack of ability to enjoy a lazy day.

A few things that always make my lazy days even better (compliments of a few of my fav Tumblr blogs, Pretty FoodsDoux et Mignon and Fuck Yeah, Lovely Rooms!):

Always my favorite.

All those people sharing such a small fireplace is kind of awkward. But I’m trying to show that I enjoy fireplaces and thick socks.

The more pillows, the better.

Some of my favorites: The Catcher in the Rye, The Bell Jar. Add in some F. Scott Fitzgerald and it’s all good. Marc Jacobs doesn’t hurt either.

Hopefully as Christmas comes closer there will be more days which include all of the above (shoutout to Maino, whaddup!). I also hope the rain turns to snow; I need even more of a reason to stay inside and avoid responsibility of any kind.


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