Short and sweet about something long and weird. (Don’t make that sexual)

December 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

I made the mistake of choosing to go to the mall yesterday, even though crowds freak me out and usually end in me hyperventilating and having to sit down at Cinnabon and take really slow, deep breaths. Then I have to eat a Cinnbon, just to, you know, make myself feel better.

While on my way to a panic attack, I stopped in Forever 21. It was then that I saw something worse then huge crowds of people. I saw something that made me cringe even more than teenagers running to Hot Topic and babies screaming while mothers try to find the most flattering sweater for their bodies. I saw this:

Seriously. Seriously, Forever 21? We are now living in a world that supports floor-length skirts as fashionable pieces of ones wardrobe, and this frightens me. This is a short post (unlike the skirt above) but I had to vent about this situation. I completely understand that a lot of the fashion world is a rotating wheel. Leggings are a prime example of that. But I refuse to accept floor-length skirts, and hope that others join my solid stance of disgust. What do you think? Am I in denial of a piviotal piece of fashion or is Forever 21 holding onto the 90’s way too hard?

For those who either just can’t get enough of the floor-length skirt or people like me who want to lose their appetite, here are some more examples, all from Forever 21:

This would be so cute if it were short.

Seriously, this is metallic.

I’d say this is the worst of them all. How un-flattering!!!

Sorry to write such a negative post, but this is an issue that effects everyone. No one wants to go blind because of the sight of a floor-length skirt.


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