Well suited for, well, I’m not exactly sure yet …

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Being a senior is slightly terrifying. Of course, I’m throughly enjoying my last year of college, but everywhere I’m reminded that it will soon, too soon for my liking, be over. My six week break is more of a eye-opener then I thought it would be; it’s making me nervous that my living situation right now (read: without my closest friends, the people who keep me sane) is going to be repeated after a diploma is put in my hands. I really hate to think of my best friends and I being dispersed around the country in different cities, unable to see each other anytime we want.

I’ve decided to push those thoughts out of the way, however, and move onto the positives of college graduation. Although getting a decent job directly out of college is as likely as Oprah staying out of the limelight, it’s exciting to think about what’ll be happening in the future when it comes to my career. What exactly I want to do is still a little foggy, but what’ll I’ll be wearing is crystal clear. Leave it to me to make big life changes all about the outfits they come with.

Recently, certain celebs have been stepping out in suits. I know you’re all like, “Um Emily, men celebs always wear suits. Ur lyke SoOo stoopid!”, but I’m talking about women. And not Ellen DeGeneres (even though she seriously knows how to rock a suit). Leighton Meester and Olivia Wilde demonstrate below that they can rock a suit just as well as Ellen, and any man, for that matter.

Photo via Fashion Circus.

Photo via Blog Catalog.

Honestly, if I’m sitting behind a desk for nine hours a day I’d love to look that hot. It’s great that women can rock certain menswear pieces now; maybe we will soon feel comfortable burping and itching our crotches in public, just as men do. Progress, progress.

As much as I love the power suit for women, I still have a huge soft spot for girly, traditional dresses. Here are two examples of dresses I can totally see myself trotting around an office in, making deadlines and taking names. Both found at ModCloth, my personal fav.

Completely drooling over this one.

So, while the future freaks me out (subtle Motion City Soundtrack reference … uhh, not that I listen to them or anything, it was my thing in high school, you know, a long time ago…), I’m glad I can count on fashion to keep me from getting hives and panic eating an entire ice cream cake or loaf of bread or something.


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