I never realized how passive agressive Betty Crocker is until today.

February 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Even though it’s only the second day of the week, I’m stressed. The to-do list that I compiled last week has slipped over and my head is annoyed by that, telling me by throwing migraines my way. However,Valentines day was a sweet interruption of my dark cloud, and I’m trying to let that feeling stay with me through the week. The one thing I’m trying to not allow to come with me is the multitude of baked goods that  have been sitting as seductively as a Victoria’s Secret model in front of my face. Of course, cupcakes can’t make their boobs look as big as the scantily-clad models (that’s funny because cupcakes are inanimate objects and don’t have boobs HAHA), they are as appealing to me as those models are to thirteen year old boys. I’ve come to the conclusion that Betty Crocker is as rude as they come, a woman sitting on a box asking us to eat the most delicious food and silently laughing as our waists grow. Bitchy.

Ugh, I’m giving opinions to objects that don’t have opinions again. Hopefully the doctors can sure me someday. Kidding and stuff.

Seriously. This is a face of evil. (via metroplaces)

I should digress. It’s unimportant to talk of how I’ve made a loved figure in American baking history into a criminal. Therefore I’m going to end on a note of how sometimes weeks can be very aggravating but they are made better by taking a solid stance on what I want to get done rather than consuming iced mochas paired with muffins that have chocolate and peanut butter chips in them.

This post was not intended to be negative but I guess Betty Crocker just does it to me. Imma try to get out of my funk and come back refreshed so that I can stop creating posts that make people feel worse than when they listen to Avril Lavigne. Have a great Tuesday!

If not for grungy campus housing, I would bubble bath my life away tonight.

PS: One thing I don’t regret: cake balls. I cannot even begin to describe the experience I had while eating them, I might or might not of cried due to my intense feelings for them. Check out the recipe and you’ll understand.


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