Grandma Days

March 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some of my favorite days are days when I can wake up late, do my laundry, clean, stretch and organize things in my room. Makes me sound kind of like a grandma, doesn’t it? Except the stretching part. I don’t know much flexibility geriatrics have. Either way, I feel best when I have time to do little things that make my life feel more put together and calm. Those little things especially help now when winter quarter is coming to a close and tying up everything before I depart for a Caribbean cruise is important. I’ve never been one to ignore the fact that I need to take time for myself, but between my schedule with numerous organizations and class make it difficult, squeezing my favorite things into a cold (where is spring?) Friday morning is a nice way to start my weekend.

A few more little things that make me happy: chocolate brown nail polish, cake-scented candles, toast with peanut butter, online shopping and anything mint flavored (currently shamrock shakes are high on my list).

All images found on tumblr!

My favorite way to start any morning.

One of my weird favorite activities.

One of my fav activities, weird I know.

LOVING the brown and purple combo.

The arrival of March is a celebration for one thing: Shamrock Shakes.

I absolutely love stretching in the morning. It instantly wakes me up! Which is a hard thing to do.

Hope you all have a lovely day filled with your favorite little things!


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