Someone hide the parmesan.

April 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

I went to the grocery store twice yesterday and once the day before that. For some reason I find peace traveling down the aisles and Krogering to the full degree. For me it is sort of a zen experience; it makes sense that I find complete peace while surrounded only by food. I made spicy cheese dip and then a dinner of pasta with vodka sauce and spicy sausage .. something that is so delicious that it’s impossible not to have three servings in one sitting. I also ate half a loaf of garlic bread. If I started crying right now pasta would probably come out due to the mass amount of carbs congealing to my belly. It’s probably a good idea that I never followed through on wanting to be a nutritionist. That and the fact that I just used my finger as a spoon to eat a fourth of a jar of parmesan cheese with.

Due to the fact that I ate enough this weekend to feed an Italian family and provide supplies for a night of dinners at Olive Garden, I went to the gym and bounced around on the elliptical for a while. As I tried to think of myself as “healthy” for working out, instead I naturally started thinking about graduation. I thought of freshman year, how incredibly unsure of myself I was and how much that impacted all of my relationships with others. I was always questioning everything! I picked apart my conversations and interactions with others and couldn’t let things go. It’s amazing to think of how far four years can take you. I love that I’ve freed myself of constant worry – not everything needs to get under my skin. I enjoy feeling full in the thought of self-assurance.

You know what else is great? Talking about gorging on parmesan cheese and then diving into the deep subject of self-confidence. Sometimes ADD can actually create some great writing. (I don’t really have ADD. But my third grade teacher thought I did, so my mom had me tested. BEAT DAT TEST WHAT WHAT!)

I think I’m going to end each of my posts with four pictures of things currently inspiring me or making me happy. Here are mine for today!

I absolutely love hydrangeas and now that spring is arriving I can't wait to see and smell fresh flowers.

I'm currently fascinated with anything in the Twiggy or Edie Sedgwick era; a time that I don't think I could've handled but can't stop reading about.

Sushi that has cream cheese in it and is deep-fried is the opposite of what it was originally meant to be (i.e. healthy) but I have never had anything better.

The best shoe to be professional and stylish in at the same time: Oxford heels.

Last minute reminder: don’t eat parmesan cheese with your finger for twenty minutes unless you want to feel like filling out an application to be on the biggest loser; learn from my mistakes. Have a lovely evening!


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