Reflections on time spent wiping barbecue sauce on a Bon Jovi-esque shirt.

April 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I sat on my couch tonight and ate the BW3 takeout wings I ordered while wearing a shirt that would’ve been appreciated and probably admired at a Jon Bon Jovi concert (“That shirt is straight livin’ on a prayer!”), I thought about how much I enjoy springtime and independence. I thought about how I could have eaten fourteen of those wings, proceeded to wipe my hands all over my shirt and then move onto eating a pound of chocolate cake if I truly wanted to. I even could’ve done it sans clothes. Isn’t it beautiful to be free of personal restriction? I love being able to do what I want without feeling regret or a need to justify my actions; I truly feel like I getting older when I realize that how comfortable I am with wanting exactly what I want. (The only exception to this is when I ate three fourths of a can of parmesan cheese, getting past that low point will take a lot of time and probably ice cream) I will proceed to make a list of other things I love doing/having that I am unashamed of.

  • Watching hours of Gilmore Girls. Knowing hundreds of Gilmore Girls quotes. Seeing the entire Gilmore Girls series almost five times through.
  • Working out at 11:15 PM.
  • Sleeping until 10:30 AM.
  • Taking four different vitamins a day as well as drinking an Emergen-C.
  • Having a big fear of falling down the stairs. (Particularly cement ones.)
  • Wearing four necklaces at a time.
  • Knowing almost everything about Astrology. (All muh Pisces holla at yo gur!)
  • Having dreams about people eating my hands? Please contact me if you have any idea what that means ..

While looking for jobs (please note I’m a hard worker and posses wit that is a rare treasure!!!) it is becoming more and more clear to me that college will be over in less that eight weeks. After these treasured eight weeks are over, it will be difficult to love post-grad livin’ without an acceptance of myself. Thinking what I do sucks will only make my life suck, which would suck. And the word suck is extremely unattractive and it would be unfortunate if I had to use it on a daily basis to describe my life. Plus the innuendoes and the “that’s what she said” jokes would probably make me want to duct tape the mouths of those around me. Possibly that would be going too far.

Here are the fab four!

Reese Witherspoon being hilarious on After Lately, she's cute and funny. And I also think Heather's Drew Barrymore impression sucks.

My favorite part of OU: cherry blossom trees. (This isn't a pic from OU. MUH BAD.)

Disco ball booty shorts. My bad joke about these made a reference to new years eve, but I'll keep it to myself.

I cannot wait to shut Ikea DOWN when I shop for my apartment. Starting with this bed frame.

Have a lovely evening!


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