Don’t do the Jheri curl.

April 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I will not be filling this white space with my witty banter today, but instead posting the pictures of two things necessary to survive a rainy day such as the one Athens is currently experiencing. Personally, I love the rain. It might come from the emo stages of my youth in which I felt the rain reflected my soul (I literally think I once wrote that phrase in my diary), but I think it is because rain calms me down. To me, rain means relaxing, lounging and recharging. Along with a comfy couch, here are the two things I feel everyone needs on a rainy day:


A CUDDLE BUDDY!! Obviously my first choice is a pug, but any soft creature (or human I suppose) will do.

Some delicious, warm, comforting soup. My personal choice is tomato tortellini, but any soup will do.


As I said, a comfy couch and a blanket would probably make days like these even better, but that is up to your discretion. Here are a few things that I recommend avoiding on a rainy day (this comes from personal experience, y’all):

  • Trying to carry coffee, hold an umbrella, grab a newspaper and open a door at the same time. You will drop the coffee and paper at the same time and you will then drop the umbrella while trying to clean up your mess, and end up looking like a wet, un-caffeinated dog.
  • Don’t straighten your hair. Unless you have naturally straight hair, after being outdoors for around ten minutes you will start to look like you’re attempting to rock the Jheri curl look. And no one has ever been able to effectively rock the Jheri curl. Just google image Michael Jackson in the 1980’s.
  • Wearing flats with no traction. I don’t need to explain the embarrassment you will feel as you slide across the floor and land on your derriere. It will get worse when three people come up to you, asking if you’re alright because “that looked really bad.”

I wish I was joking about the last one. Have a lovely, however rainy, day!



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