You all know how weird I am about my man hands, but ..

April 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Imma b short n sweet this morning, only because I have a reading quiz to prepare for and my need for Perks coffee right now is crippling. It has been slightly difficult to jump into this week after such a relaxing weekend at home, making class and meetings slightly painful. It is kinda an Easter tradition for my two best pals/roommates to come home with me for the holiday; a tradition that I absolutely adore due to the fact that all the people who tolerate me and my nuttiness are all in one place. The more time I spend away from my family at school, the more I realize how much they mean to me.

Yesterday I walked into the wrong (full) classroom, my phone went off (loudly) in the middle of class and tripped up a (busy) stairwell. Clearly, I was not ready for the week to begin. Sometimes I still feel like I’m an awkward, gangly freshman in high school – minus the shiny orthodontia (seven years of my life my mouth was taken over by metal, I probably could’ve gotten cable). Anyway, here are four things from my weekend that made it the perfect rejuvenator.

Can't beat breakfasts made by my Stepdad. Also, can't beat breakfasts that are served to me while I'm drinking coffee and reading (Don't judge, you know you do it too.)

I LOVE these flats!! I have been searching for nude flats for a long time, and after an abusive relationship with a pair from Urban Outfitters (there was blood), I've finally found them. Thank you, Steve Madden.

Yes, I do have a Big Top Cupcake mold. I'm not immune to the infomercial ploys. But this thing is amazing! I was even able to put Jeni's ice cream in the middle.

I saw this idea - painting one nail a different color than the others - in a mag and wanted to try it right away. I'm rather pleased with the results! And you should all treasure this picture because you know how weird I am about showing my man hands.

Have a lovely day!



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