Starting cults, one blog at a time.

May 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m gonna get straight to the point in this little posty and ignore the fact that I haven’t posted since last month. Because you, my beautiful, caring, dedicated reader will love me no matter what. Right? AM I RIGHT?

So, I stumbled up a blog that literally had my crying, snorting, laughing an embarrassing amount today and I want to share it with you because that is what Barney taught me to do when I religiously watched his television program back in 1996. The blog, my friends, is call The Frenemy and you can view it in all it’s sarcastic beautiful wit HERE! I am obsessed and will now dedicate me life to it and create a cult around it and not shave my underarms or pluck my eyebrows and stuff. Please comment and tell me y’all feel the same way and would like to join my cult (we can all buy new sneakers!) … did anyone actually get that ’80’s cult reference joke?

Should I post pictures today? Probably. I think we all know why this blog has readership – and it isn’t my run on sentences and subtle insults at everyday things. So here we go.

EYE SHADOW RAINBOW! I found this at a Thread photo shoot and it reminded me that I wear the same CoverGirl liquid eyeliner everyday like I'm trying to be Twiggy or something. On another note, aren't the colors pretty?

I feel as though every time I get sushi I should put it on my blog because a) it's pretty b) I feel like it and c) it makes me feel like I'm eating healthy when I actually asked for two helpings of spicy mayo and ended up eating the spicy mayo by itself with my chopsticks.

This is Stroud's run. For Ohio University students, this is where girls get in bikinis and judge others and dudes throw footballs and softballs and try not to hit people in the face with them. This beach is practically gravel and a friend of mine once found a used diaper in the water. FuN iN dA sUn.

Palmer fest was last weekend and this is my friend Jordan celebrating. Cue my giggles.

Have a lovely day!



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