Catty housewives are keeping me sane. What’s wrong with this picture?

June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Post grad life has been getting me down. It’s rather monotonous and I’m realizing what it’s going to be like with my friends scattered all over the country. Going from having everyone living in the same town, even under the same roof, to being in different states is a change that I definitely wasn’t prepared for. However, my melodrama can only last for so long. People are spilt up all the time in life, it’s just something to accept. Besides, I think I want to start Skype sessions where we all drink wine and watch Sex and the City on DVD at the same time. A classy activity that can be done anywhere, anytime.

To lighten the mood of this post, I’m acknowledging a few things that are making the end of college a little bit less upsetting. Not everything about home is awful; my big, cloud-like, bed, the ten minute drive to Target, my mom cooking for me and having more than five restaurants to choose from for dinner. On top of those, here are four more fab things that I’m enjoying right now.

The Beverly Hills housewives are easily my favorite. Watching their cattiness and never-ending bank accounts is thoroughly entertaining to me. Plus, Camille is a psycho.

Riesling wine is beautiful, wouldn't you agree? I feel like people might start to think I'm hitting the sauce a little too much for how much I talk about Riesling. Worry not, my friends, I simply enjoy a glass classily with dinner.

Keeping up with one of my fav blogs: Cupcakes and Cashmere. Nothing like looking at the life of a fabulous twenty-something to motivate me to find a job!

This less than glamorous picture is signifying the packing I am currently doing. Relaxing on the beach is in store next week and I'm beyond excited! Plus, a personal triumph is the size of that bag. I have always overpacked and not bringing 17 pairs of underwear, 8 dresses and 4 bathing suits is like finally being able to bench press 250 after months of training.

Have a lovely day!



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