My Mind.

I’m Emily.

The Ugly Friend isn’t about anything, specifically. Started for a student fashion magazine, I wanted to keep it up to write about anything and everything in my life. I love to write about the things that I enjoy and for some reason have the idea in my head that the internet world needs to know about it. I hope anyone who reads this blog comes out with a good dose of chuckles.

I am a recent graduate of Ohio University, and have an unmatchable love for Athens, Ohio. I majored in creative writing and am now trying to start my writing career, particularly focusing on copywriting. I put ketchup on almost everything I eat, have an affinity for blazers and can read for hours.

Oh, and the title of my blog isn’t meant to infer that I think I’m ugly. Sometimes I’m just a tad melodramatic.

Also, unless specified, none of the pictures used are mine.


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