{rave} Hay-lo, Fro Yo.

June 20, 2011 § 3 Comments

When I lived in Chicago last summer, my pals and I found an unhealthy-posing-as-healthy dessert gold mine on Wabash Avenue – Berry Chill. Y’all want to eat some yogurt couture? Berry Chill is here to serve it to you, sometimes even delivering it in a smart car (pictured below) or a weirder, less technologically advanced Segway (not pictured). You get to choose from around twenty toppings, ranging from nuts to cereal to candy to cookies. And fruit. But really, who wants to put fruit on that? It’s dessert, not breakfast at a detox┬áspa with life coaches and an event planner named Sky.

When we were there I saw a new worker try to get in the smart car for a delivery, but was stopped by a manager to discuss how "dangerous the rush of power that comes with the steering wheel of a smart car" can be. I wish I was making this up.

Berry Chill also likes to profess the health-factor of their Pinkberry twin, something that was shot down faster than a handicapped goose in Alaska, after adding toppings. For example: Although I always chose the medium-sized, plain flavored yogurt, I added brownie bites, sprinkles and graham cracker. I looked it up online one time, and let’s just say Kirstie Alley really would’ve enjoyed this treat pre-Jenny Craig.

Does this look like something they would praise on The Biggest Loser?

I love fro yo. And I love using the abbreviation fro yo. I also love allowing fro yo to be unhealthy, even though people in LA like Paris Hilton and Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends put all this crap fruit on it and act like it’s a heathy dessert. One way I have found to make it a small fraction healthier? I found a quart of plain, frozen yogurt at Trader Joes the other day and I’m in love! I can try to ration my toppings and enjoy the yogurt. Plus the cute design of the tub makes me feel almost as trendy as I would walking past the Berry Chill scooter.


Bottom line: go get some fro yo, y’all.


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