Well suited for, well, I’m not exactly sure yet …

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Being a senior is slightly terrifying. Of course, I’m throughly enjoying my last year of college, but everywhere I’m reminded that it will soon, too soon for my liking, be over. My six week break is more of a eye-opener then I thought it would be; it’s making me nervous that my living situation right now (read: without my closest friends, the people who keep me sane) is going to be repeated after a diploma is put in my hands. I really hate to think of my best friends and I being dispersed around the country in different cities, unable to see each other anytime we want.

I’ve decided to push those thoughts out of the way, however, and move onto the positives of college graduation. Although getting a decent job directly out of college is as likely as Oprah staying out of the limelight, it’s exciting to think about what’ll be happening in the future when it comes to my career. What exactly I want to do is still a little foggy, but what’ll I’ll be wearing is crystal clear. Leave it to me to make big life changes all about the outfits they come with.

Recently, certain celebs have been stepping out in suits. I know you’re all like, “Um Emily, men celebs always wear suits. Ur lyke SoOo stoopid!”, but I’m talking about women. And not Ellen DeGeneres (even though she seriously knows how to rock a suit). Leighton Meester and Olivia Wilde demonstrate below that they can rock a suit just as well as Ellen, and any man, for that matter.

Photo via Fashion Circus.

Photo via Blog Catalog.

Honestly, if I’m sitting behind a desk for nine hours a day I’d love to look that hot. It’s great that women can rock certain menswear pieces now; maybe we will soon feel comfortable burping and itching our crotches in public, just as men do. Progress, progress.

As much as I love the power suit for women, I still have a huge soft spot for girly, traditional dresses. Here are two examples of dresses I can totally see myself trotting around an office in, making deadlines and taking names. Both found at ModCloth, my personal fav.

Completely drooling over this one.

So, while the future freaks me out (subtle Motion City Soundtrack reference … uhh, not that I listen to them or anything, it was my thing in high school, you know, a long time ago…), I’m glad I can count on fashion to keep me from getting hives and panic eating an entire ice cream cake or loaf of bread or something.


Short and sweet about something long and weird. (Don’t make that sexual)

December 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

I made the mistake of choosing to go to the mall yesterday, even though crowds freak me out and usually end in me hyperventilating and having to sit down at Cinnabon and take really slow, deep breaths. Then I have to eat a Cinnbon, just to, you know, make myself feel better.

While on my way to a panic attack, I stopped in Forever 21. It was then that I saw something worse then huge crowds of people. I saw something that made me cringe even more than teenagers running to Hot Topic and babies screaming while mothers try to find the most flattering sweater for their bodies. I saw this:

Seriously. Seriously, Forever 21? We are now living in a world that supports floor-length skirts as fashionable pieces of ones wardrobe, and this frightens me. This is a short post (unlike the skirt above) but I had to vent about this situation. I completely understand that a lot of the fashion world is a rotating wheel. Leggings are a prime example of that. But I refuse to accept floor-length skirts, and hope that others join my solid stance of disgust. What do you think? Am I in denial of a piviotal piece of fashion or is Forever 21 holding onto the 90’s way too hard?

For those who either just can’t get enough of the floor-length skirt or people like me who want to lose their appetite, here are some more examples, all from Forever 21:

This would be so cute if it were short.

Seriously, this is metallic.

I’d say this is the worst of them all. How un-flattering!!!

Sorry to write such a negative post, but this is an issue that effects everyone. No one wants to go blind because of the sight of a floor-length skirt.

Chunky can only work as a description for three things: Soup, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Necklaces.

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Today I went to the mall and almost cried. It was as if I was trying to fit in with the thirteen year old crowd who enjoy calling the mall their regular hangout, the ones who are standing in line at the Cinnabon crying because Jimmy made out with Sally and how could Sally do that she never liked Jimmy before! Now, I didn’t actually look like these pubescent, hormonal girls, but I felt like them. I went into the mall and wouldn’t allow myself to buy anything.

Before the Clueless, Legally Blonde or any other “bimbo likes to shop, but proves her intelligence in the end” reference, let me make that last statement less dramatic. I really, really wanted to buy clothes, purses, scarfs and shoes. But I was mature and realized that Christmas would be here soon and it would be a waste of money. Side note: I have a feeling this is only the beginning of painful realizations I will be stumbling upon as graduation runs towards me at a pace that I’d really like to slow down.

I lied. I bought one thing. A necklace. It was only eight dollars, so it’s wasn’t that big of a deal, ALL RIGHT?

Since my schedule has been jam packed with, you know, free time, I’ve perused the blog world quite a bit. And what have I taken from it? Other than embarrassment from the fact that looking at a computer screen, instead of interacting with human beings, takes up most of my day, it’s a huge desire for accessories. Rings, scarfs, headbands and necklaces. Today, I indulged in my craving.

I picked this green chunker from Forever 21.

Always gotta have an artsy pic. Helps me keep my indie cred. Sidenote: I have no indie cred, and also don’t really know exactly what that means …

This chunky green necklace was the perfect accessory to start my accessory obsession; a piece that I am excited to wear regularly. So excited, in fact, that I went online when I got home and looked at some other chunky options. Alright, I know I’ve been a little ADD with all of my sidenote business in this post, but the word chunky kind of sounds like a rude description, right? Who would want to be described as chunky? It’s not like the necklace will know, or anything, but it just feels kind of odd …

To end that rant I’m going to show some pics of other chunky (still weird) necklaces I enjoy:

I love the bright color of this one from ModCloth.

Another gem (HAHA get it there are gems in the necklace) from Forever 21.

My fav, found on a Tumblr blog (you can check it out here) and it’s also from ModCloth.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post more pics of my budding accessory collection, but that would mean I need to come into a decent amount of money. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. Or rob a bank? Joking. I’m joking. I wouldn’t do that. Hopefully cops don’t monitor online things like this and report me and come question me or something. Can you go to jail for making a joke about robbing a bank? Maybe I should just delete that part …

Poppin’ bottles … perfume bottles, that is.

October 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

This is kind of delayed considering Homecoming was four days ago, but my clothes smelled gross after leaving the bars on Saturday. Honestly, the bars smelled like flatulence and in turn, so did my clothes. Just to clarify, IT WAS NOT MY BODILY FUNCTIONS THAT CREATED THIS SMELL. Instead it was the fact that for some reason everyone decided that they could just let it all loose in the bars. I’m not trying to offend the alum or anything, but they were all here this weekend, the weekend of the never ceasing, bar-encompassing fart cloud. Just sayin’.

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about farts right now. I’m trying to bring up the subject of fragrances but that intro didn’t go as well as planned, so I’m gonna try to move on quietly…

Think about perfume (or cologne) and how much of an impact it can have. Smell holds the strongest connection to memory, meaning I will forever remember Homecoming 2010 as, shall we say, less than desirable bodily functions. Waittt sorry I didn’t want to mention that again. Anyway, I’m a big advocate of having numerous scents because I feel that different scents can go with different settings. Nighttime scents, daytime scents, sexy time scents, visiting your grandmother scents, the list can go on and on. And we all sure as hell don’t want to be wearing a sexy time scent during a visit to the nursing home to visit grandma, making the need for numerous scents obvious.

The other thing I love about fragrances – the bottles are fashionable within themselves.

Those are only a small amount of perfume bottles and look how different they all are! I love it. And each of their scents are as varied as their bottle appearance. How do you think you get the job of designing perfume bottles? Do you think there is a specific program designated for designing perfume bottles? Alright, no more of my obscure career questions, I’m gonna go to Dairy Queen.

I could make a “Hammer Time” joke here, but I’m trying to avoid that cliche.

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This has easily been the most chaotic quarter in my college career. Senior year has not lived up to my slacker dreams; there are no days filled with watching marathons of Teen Mom and Jersey Shore, beer pong sessions at 3 PM and writing half assed papers that keep me from failing out but don’t even come close to earning a spot on the fridge. Instead, meetings and class take up most of my time. And eating. Eating takes up a lot of my time.

But while we’re on the subject of time, I’m going to bring up the HaWt fashion trend that is watches. Isn’t it fab that a device which usually stresses me out and makes me wonder why I didn’t study for Italian last night when I spent hours picking at my cuticles, eating potatoes that my roommate made even though I already went to Taco Bell and deciding what to wear tomorrow, can actually become a stylish addition to an outfit? Right now I’m really feeling the big, bulky variety. An example of this watch genre is seen here:

Artsy photo, right? Took it wit ma Droid, nbd.

I love this watch because of it’s masculinity. However, it’s masculinity is why I usually wear this (compliments of my roommate Aimee) with girlie-type outfits, like floral or lace. So the outfit ends up saying something like this: “I’m girlie and cute, but I can still be strong and get places on time because I have this masculine watch sitting proudly on my wrist!” Has anyone else noticed that I constantly make pieces of clothing and/or accessories talk? Hopefully that’s not a sign of mental illness, but I’m not crossing my fingers.

I’m signing off (loser way of saying that I’m ending this post) but I’m going to leave you with a picture that I found online that displays numerous watch types that make me come close to unintentionally annoying my mom by spending a lot of money through online shopping and forcing my bank to hate me even more than they already do.

Let me see you sweat(er).

October 6, 2010 § 4 Comments

HOLY SHEET it’s cold outside today. I feel as though I am always wishing that it would get colder as the fall months arrive, and then when the cold actually blows into to town all I do is complain about it. How introspective that was … too bad I wont do anything to change it.

I find it comical that I am sitting in front of my computer writing a fashion blog while wearing sweatpants that I’ve had since seventh grade and a shirt that says “explosive band member!” which is also from my middle school years. My advice: don’t wear this anywhere except your apartment/house unless you would like to be assumed homeless.

Because of the chill today, I’ve decided to talk about sweaters. I absolutely love sweaters.  Depending on the style, they’re just like sweatshirts but a tad more fashionable. For example, to me, a sweatshirt says “I want to be warm and comfortable and I’m running late, so I’m going to throw on this sweatshirt that I spilled Chef Boyardee on last night and my dog sometimes sleeps on.” I know sweatshirts aren’t that chatty but take a visit to my head and you’ll understand. Okay, so since that’s what sweatshirts say, here is an example of sweater speak: “I also want to be warm and comfortable, but I want to look semi pulled together and possibly add a little cuteness to a look that I don’t have much time to put together.”

Here is a sweater that says just that:

I love the lace detail and the fact that it’s long enough to wear with leggings and successfully disguise them as pants. Add a long sleeve shirt underneath and you could probably climb Everest in this thing. Naturally I’m kidding, Everest seems like a lot of work and I wouldn’t want to get this sweater dirty.

Here is another gem knit into the sweater world:

Let me make this clear: I love toggle sweaters. I don’t really know how to explain my love of toggle sweaters; after all, it is only a little wooden detailing. But something about them makes me think of Colorado and skiing and people sitting on bear rugs in front of fires with really thick hair. Not sure why the thick hair was thrown in there, but I guess that’s just the power of the toggles.

“With every season turn, turn, turn. There is a reason turn, turn, turn.” Those are not the correct lyrics to the Byrds song (which was adapted from the bible), but I’ve molded them to serve my purpose because I feel like it. It’s annoying when it gets colder, but it is also a time to display the adorable sweaters that will do their best to keep you warm. As they say, give peace a chance. And when I say peace, I mean sweaters. And now that I think about it that sentence makes it sound like everyone hates sweaters and refuses to wear them, when that’s really not true. So ignore basic thought process behind that sentence and just embrace the sweater. Now it sounds like I’m preaching religion or something, good God this could go on forever …

Pants party. Party pants. In pants, party.

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Hello all. Isn’t the weather lovely? It makes me think of pants. No longer are sun dresses an option, no more shorts. Unless tights are involved, which you know, works too. I love tights, especially patterned ones. HOWEVER this entry does not have tights in the title, so we’ll save the tights talk for another post.

I think the natural assumption when one thinks of pants is blue jeans. They’re the easiest to pair things with, usually the most comfortable and show the least amount of dirt. But today is the day, my friends, today is the day. It is the day to wear something other than blue jeans, a pair of pants that aren’t seen on every pair of legs on this campus when the weather turns frosty. One option is pants that are COLORFUL like these!

“Somewhere over the pants rainbow…”

I love colorful pants, but I never really thought I could pull off that look. Perhaps it has to do with the insecurities with my thighs, a bodily anxiety that has followed me since the ugly days of puberty and one unfortunate and memorable joke made by a friend that included the phrase “thunder thighs”. But this summer, on the streets of Chicago, I decided to throw caution to the wind. Hence the purchase of these babies:

Olive green. Olives. Olives on pizza. Now I’m hungry. Damnit.

Urban Outfitters had these capri-esque pants in a plethora of colors and I really enjoy their fit. Although I have no picture of myself galavanting around in these, galavanted I have. They’re lightweight and comfortable, and they kind of remind me of horseback riding pants which in turn makes me feel cool and athletic, two things that are foreign to me.

Another option for non-blue jean pants is something that not all people agree with. The controversial item I’m talking about? Leggings. Yes, leggings. I personally enjoy leggings WHEN worn with shirts that cover the majority of the bum and the entirety of the crotch region. Camel toe isn’t appreciated by anyone, therefore the crotch rule is very strict. When worn with an oversize sweater leggings can be comfortable and really cute. These are my favorite pair:

Check out da zippers.

I love leggings. They breathe. And they’re an awesome alternative to blue jeans because sometimes blue jeans get tighter after you eat five of the break and bake sugar cookies your roommate made. But leggings? They expand with you and your thighs. And your mind.

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